Welcome to Mike Doty Photography!

Photography is a passionate hobby of mine along with travel.  The two go perfect together and you end up with a great way to share your adventures with friends and family when you return.  I have been lucky to travel to all seven continents and many places in between.  I always took a camera along, but quite a few years back I sold all my film equipment and went digital.  The instant feedback from digital allowed me to learn new skills and really expanded my interest in photography and taking better images.  The ability to control an image from capture through printing to hanging on your wall was invigorating.  The days of having to deal with photo labs and never getting the exact results you wanted were over!   I am basically self taught, but have spent many weekends reading books and attending workshops.  There are some great workshops and seminars out there and I highly recommend these to start honing your skills.  Plus, they are a lot of fun!


Please email me if you have any special printing requests or questions.

Thank you!

-Mike Doty